VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Harmony Nose Surgery

The general rhinoplasty was known as using foreign implants like silicone for the bridge and ear/septal cartilage for the nasal tip area.
Most of the patients and even the surgeons understand the general term rhinoplasty as inserting a foreign implant to the dorsal area for the elevation of a flat nose.

However, this method of rhinoplasty cannot possibly fix the mid-face retrusion and protruded mouth.
Also, the final result cannot be naturally balanced with the entire face.
The old rhinoplasty method has a number of complications.
There are limitations to fixing the mid-face retrusion, mouth protrusion, small chin and prominent cheekbone.

VIP suggests a new advanced technique known as the Harmony Rhinoplasty, concerning the full facial balance by artistic rhinoplasty.
This method will correct the mouth protrusion and achieve a well-balanced nose, mouth and chin, and also make big cheekbone appear smaller..

Harmony Rhinoplasty is the method of using rib cartilage to make a flat and sunken nose structure / retracted columella into a three-dimensional mid-face as it is strong enough to support with a sufficient amount of cartilage.
Autologous tissues have very low rate of leading to infections than any other foreign materials.

Advantages of Harmony Rhinoplasty
There is a very low possibility of infection since it is an autologous rib cartilage.
Mouth protrusion is corrected, and the facial profile is balanced by rhinoplasty and mid-face augmentation.
The entire mid-face area, including a sunken nose, is lifted up so the cheekbone appears smaller.
Typical Asian faces, such as a retruded mid-face and protruded mouth,
can be fixed without major surgeries like the double-jaw surgery.
Before & After / Harmony face surgery
Double-Jaw Surgery vs. Harmony Rhinoplasty

The double-jaw surgeryis a well-known method for Asians to fix the protruded mouth and mid-face depression. This is the major surgery that moves both the upper and lower jaw structures or reduces gum, which requires 4 teeth extraction.

However, thisdouble-jaw surgery is really for people who have a severe lantern jaw or misalignment of the teeth, called malocclusion. This operation requires 1 to 2 years of orthodontic treatment. Also, there is a lot of blood loss during the surgery and obstructive sleep apnea can occur as one of the side effects.

Meanwhile, Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is drawing its attention to the rib cartilage harmony rhinoplasty, since it prevents the loss of teeth, and at the same time improves the mid-face depression, thus resolving the nose problems.

Before & After / Harmony face surgery