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In the frontal view, male noses have a straight and wide nose bridge. On the other hand, female noses have a narrow nose with curved line.
< Frontal view of
ideal male nose
Lateral view of
ideal male nose >
Female noses should be elegant and refined, whereas male noses should be charismatic. The tip of the male nose is more bulbous and straight while the female one is less bulbous. Also, the female nose tip is more elevated compared to the nose bridge.
The ideal nasolabial angle (the angle between lips and columella) is 95°-100° for women and 90°-95° for men, which means that the male nostrils are less visible than those of female.
< Frontal view of
ideal female nose
Lateral view of
ideal female nose >
Before & After / Male Rhinoplasty
Autologous tissue for Male Rhinoplasty!
General surgeries using implants such as silicone often have side effects and the sign of surgery appears easily. If the nose is originally tilted, the structure is not corrected with implant insertion surgery. Therefore, autologous tissue (septal cartilage, rib cartilage etc.) rhinoplasty can prevent inflammation that is common in implant surgery and makes the nose look natural since it is structurally built from the inner nose.
Diagram of surgery setting up the nasal
skeleton using the cartilage
The main reason for bent nose is
deformation of the septal cartilage
Bent nose due to accident or innateness is because the septal cartilage is not structurally formed straight. Since the septal cartilage is the main pillar of the nose, it is not possible to correct the deviated nose without correcting the septal cartilage. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the osseous septum and cartilage deep inside the nose to correct the deformed septal cartilage.
After this procedure, the nose bridge can be augmented and the tip can be arranged.
Type of Male Rhinoplasty
Deformation of nose due to accident
Congenitally crooked nose
Undeveloped nose due to accident
Bent and stuffy nose due to nasal septal deviation
Wide alar base
Wide and big nostrils
Weak and upturned nose
Feminine nose after the surgery without any charismatic attraction
issatisfaction of the nose after deviated septal correction surgery
Before & After / Male Rhinoplasty