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What is Cleft Lip Surgery ?

The nose is one of the most prominent facial features, and its appearance contributes enormously to facial aesthetics. Nasal deformity associated with cleft lip has been viewed as one of the most challenging reconstructive problems in rhinoplasty. The complexity of cleft lip rhinoplasty is demonstrated by the abundance of techniques available for its correction. Patients with cleft lip frequently have an associated nasal deformity. These deformities can vary in their severity. Furthermore, this deformity can leave the patient with severe asymmetries of the nostrils and base of the nose. Dr. Lee uses advanced techniques incorporating rib cartilage grafting to treat patients with cleft lip nasal deformities. The combination of the rib grafting and specialized ear cartilage grafting allows tremendous control for correcting deformities associated with the cleft lip nasal deformity. The correction of cleft lip nasal deformity is challenging, and there have been numerous methods described in the literature with little demonstrated technical superiority of one over another. The common clinical issues associated with cleft lip nasal deformity are its lack of symmetry, alar collapse on the affected side, obtuse nasolabial angle, short nasal length, loss of tip definition, and altered columella among others. The augmentation of cleft lip rhinoplasties are came out with rib graft. Augmentation rhinoplasty in cleft lip nose can provide patients with a stable and satisfactory nasal appearance.