VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Ptosis correction

Ptosis Sleepy-looking
The sleepy-looking eyes make a person look tired. In such case, the eyelid crease doesn’t exist or remains indistinct.
The levator palpebrae superioris muscle is weak, so the eyes cannot
fully open. Hence, people with this condition tend to raise
the eyebrows
and the front together to open the eyes.
They need to undergo the blepharoplasty, revision.

TThe levator palpebrae superioris muscle is not weak, but the thick and fat eyelid
is droopy due to gravity, so the eyes appear sleepy. In such case, the thick skin and muscle are partially removed, and the fat is also removed by the full-incision method, so the eyes can become well-defined.

Typical symptoms of Ptosis
When opening the eyes, as the levator palpebrae superioris muscle is weak,
the eyes cannot fully open and he/she raises
the eyebrows and the front together, in spite of him/her.

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There are congenital blepharoptosis and an acquired one.
The congenital blepharoptosis is caused by the undergrowth of muscle or the neuropathy,
and the acquired blepharoptosis is caused by the injury of eyelids due to car accident
or other trauma or aging. The blepharoptosis is classified into severe, moderate and mild.
The more severe it is, the sooner the surgery is practiced.

The blepharoptosis is often found among celebrities. In case of mild blepharoptosis,
people don’t realize the condition and visit the clinic to ask for the double eyelid
surgery because their eyes are small.

Therefore, it is important to examine and identify the blepharoptosis before
the double eyelid surgery is conducted. If the double eyelid surgery is practiced under
the condition of blepharoptosis,
the creases will be asymmetric and easily fade,
causing the blepharoptosis to be more visible.

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Surgery Timing

As severe blepharoptosis can cause eyesight disturbance, the surgery can be practiced from the age of four or five.

Surgery Method (Based on the level of severity)
Levator palpebrae
fold suture
Levator palpebrae
Frontal muscle
there are various methods
by supplementing and
modifying the
the methods above.
Complications and problems (Based on the level of severity)
Excessive revision,
Xerosis of cornea and
conjunctiva by
interfering with
full eyelid closure
Asymmetry Drawn and
raised eyelid

Surgeries conducted by experienced plastic surgeons rarely leave side effects;
but even if so, they are mild and can be solved through simple measures.

Lower eyelid surgery
This makes the orbicularis oculi muscle on the lower eyelid soft and full, especially when smiling,
which creates a young and cute image. To this end, the graft of artificial dermis like Alloderm,
the injection like Restylane or Micro-fat grafting is practiced.