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Medial Canthoplasty
What is the Mongolian fold (epicanthal fold)?

The epicanthal fold is a small web of tissue overlapping the nasal corner of the eye, which is seen typically in the Mongoloid race.

This is seen rarely in Caucasian eyelids. In such case, the horizontal length of the eye seems short and the eyes cannot be well-defined due to the overlapping skin at the inner corner of the eye.

Discovering the hidden 1mm - Medial Canthoplasty

When making Mongolian-folded eyes bigger, the medial canthoplasty makes eyes big and more well-defined.

The Mongolian fold surgery, known as Epicanthoplasty, is to lengthen the eyes through finding the originally inborn length of the eye.
It is not artificially lengthening it, because the inner of the eye becomes visible by removing the overlapped skin.

VIP Lateral canthoplasty

Another methods to lengthen the eye is the lateral canthoplasty.

This is less effective than the medial canthoplasty but practiced in cases of narrow eyes from side to side or slant eyes.

At VIP International Plastic Surgery Center, the lateral canthoplasty is practiced,
which makes the coherence with the eyes without adhesion of upper and lower