VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - High-SMAS Necklift

Jaw lines and neck wrinkles
How to address your neck wrinkles and sagging neck/skin effectively.
If the skin of your neck and chin is greatly sagging, it can be addressed by peeling the SMAS layer
on the face up to the jawline and the bottom of the ears and then lifting the layer toward the front
and the back of the ears respectively before the remaining skin is cut off.
The scar is not visible because it is located along the ear cartilage.
How to improve your droopy chin
Before & After / Neck lift
Fat transplantation to restore the jawline
The fat on the cheeks moves downwards as you age, leaving the chin with more fat.
If the droopiness is not severe, liposuction through a 3 to 4 mm long incision under the chin center or the earflap can be performed.
One of the advantages of this procedure is that it can restore the jawline without a major operation.
If the droopiness is severe, incision can be a more effective way to restore the jawline.
Lipolysis(Smart lipo)

What is Smart Lipo?
It is a procedure that can improve both your figure and the elasticity of your skin.

Laser Smart Lipo for a better figure
This is a next generation lipolysis that can help you lose fat and increase skin elasticity. It can remove fat in the areas of your body that cannot be treated with conventional liposuction techniques,
giving you a better figure and enhancing the elasticity of your skin by causing contraction of the collagen.
Smart Lipo uses the Nd:YAG laser that emits 1064 wavelength.
It is similar to the carbon dioxide laser in that it is invisible and absorbed to colors,
but different in that it is not absorbed to water.
It can infiltrate into the tissue 4 to 6 mm deeper and does not lose its energy much.
The CO2 laser is not widely used because it is reflected to the neighboring tissue, causing thermal damage.
In contrast, the recently emerging Nd:YAG laser, which uses a Q-switch concept, can reach deep into the skin tissue while minimizing damage, making it useful for the treatment of tattoos or Ota's nevus.

Elements of Smart Lipo
It consists of the Nd:YAG laser, fiber optic and micro-cannula.
Roles of each element
Nd-YAG laser
This generates 1064 nm laser light, which is the source of
thermal energy to dissolve fat.
Fiber optic
This guides the laser generated by the Nd:YAG all the way to the fat under the skin. It is one to two meters long and 0.3 mm thick. Such small thickness ensures less pain and quick recovery while removing fat from the right area..
This is a metal tube of 1mm in diameter and helps the fiber optic maintain its straightness.
The effects of Smart Lipo
Unlike conventional ways of removing fat, such as microwave or laser in vitro, the Smart Lipo procedure allows laser to touch the fat layer directly, producing more satisfactory results. In order for the laser to touch the fat layer, the fiber optic and the cannula are indispensible. They guide the laser to the right location with high accuracy. When the fiber optic reaches the fat layer with the help of the cannula, laser is emitted to remove fat.
What is special about Smart Lipo?
Pulse as short as 0.1 millisecond
Capable of generating ultra high power instantly
The location of the tip of the cannula in the fat layer can be tracked with the red laser light, ensuring safety
Minimal chance of getting bumpy skin surface after operation
Capable of being performed on any area of the body
Less swelling after operation