VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Forehead Endoscope Lift

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles
  (Eyebrow ptosis leads to frequent use of the forehead,
resulting in deep horizontal wrinkles on the forehead)
Skin loses its elasticity and collagen through an intrinsic aging process. The muscles around the eyes strengthen, causing both the eyebrows and forehead to droop.

The droopy skin covers the eyes and makes it more difficult to open them. This leads to the use of the forehead rectus muscle, deepening wrinkles on the forehead over a period of time.

Simple injections may give a temporary effect to remove wrinkles. However, by undergoing the procedure to lift the forehead and sagged skin in the areas around the eyes (brows and eyelids), one can have a long-lasting result to open eyes more easily.

The endoscopic forehead lift minimizes wrinkles and improves the overall appearance to look younger.
Surgery Methods

1) Scalp incision

To lift the forehead skin, the scalp under the hair is incised from one ear all the way to the other ear.

The rectus muscle can also be incised if necessary.

This method can produce an effective result but requires a long recovery time and leaves a long scar on the scalp.


2) Endoscopic procedure

For this method, three to four small incisions of 1 – 2 centimeters are made inside the scalp.
Endoscopy (an instrument with a tiny camera) will be inserted through the incisions to examine the detailed interior of the forehead.

The advantages of the endoscopic procedure are quick recovery period and minimal scarring.

Before & After / Endoscopic lift