VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Breast Fat Graft

Breast Fat Graft

Breasts can be enlarged in two ways: inserting silicone implants or autologous fat. The former has advantages in that the size of the breasts can be determined by that of the implants, and the implants can give a clear-cut outline, making your breasts look beautiful.

On the other hand, the implants can cause side effects and many people may recognize that you have implants inside.
The latter has advantages in that it does not produce side effects and looks natural, but does not offer as many size options as the former.

Fat transplantation is attractive not only for young ladies but also for women who have just delivered a baby when they wish to get a breast lift. Yet those who have family members who had breast cancer might have a higher chance of getting it. VIP retains the right to refuse to perform this procedure on those people.

The reason is that transplanted fat can prevent early diagnosis of breast cancer and sometimes can be mistaken for cancer. The use of fat transplantation is restricted to situations, in which the silicone inside the body is visible due to thin skin caused by a plastic surgery or when there is a need to reconstruct the breasts after breast cancer surgery.