VIP International Plastic Surgery Center in KOREA - Hip-Up Fat Graft

Hips Up Fat Graft

Some of you might have an experience of trying to fit yourself into a tight girdle, wearing high heels to lift the lower half of your body and pushing the hips more closely towards the spine when going out.
Many people agree that droopy hips undermine your attractiveness. This can be seen from underwear commercials.

We are living in an era where beautiful women with long legs and lifted hips attract more attention. Large and wide hips may be regarded as good-looking, but not pretty. That is why a procedure has been invented to make wide and droopy hips look prettier and more attractive.

The droopy part can be lifted using liposuction. This will also make your legs look longer.
Liposuction and fat transplantation can be performed simultaneously to make them voluminous and lifted.
Fat is transplanted from other parts of the body to the hips to make them more voluminous.